Consulting and Speaking Services

I have provided strategic management consulting services to several Fortune 500 companies. Here are my areas of expertise:

Mobile Strategy
App Strategy, Operating System Strategy, Ecosystem Strategy, Handset Strategy
  • Worked at Google on the Android platform pre-launch
  • Consulted on a $1B+ due diligence for a mobile takeover
  • Consulted on a $20B+ due diligence for a mobile takeover
  • Consulted Samsung on mobile strategy, specifically insights around Android and the future of Chrome OS
Internet Strategy
eCommerce Strategy, Web 2.0, Social Media Strategy, Website Development
  • I'm the founder and CEO of Spinzo, a web-based pricing platform
  • Web Programmer: PHP/MySQL/CSS/HTML
  • Built dozens of websites
Startup Strategy
Startup Landscape, Fundraising, Talent Acquisition, and Business Development
  • Founded a company called Spinzo, raised equity, acquired talent and clients
  • Take part in startup-related events in Canada
Digital and Social Media Strategy
Social Media Trends, and Bridging the Divide from Print to Digital
  • Consulted with one of the largest magazine publishers on the digital side
  • Facebook app developer
  • Leading a startup where the center of gravity is Social Media
Driving IT Efficiencies
Best Practice Application Development, and Efficient IT Utilization
  • Worked in the Business Technology Group at McKinsey
  • Saved millions of dollars for Fortune 500 companies through IT cost-cutting
  • Worked at Barclays Capital in Application Development on the Trading Floor
Insurance Technology Strategy (Claims Side)
Claims Process Modernization, Settlement Optimization Using Analytics
  • Consulted with one of the world's largest insurance companies
Canadian Business Environment
Canadian Technology Landscape, Startup Space, and General Business Trends
  • Live in Canada with heavy involvement in the business/technology community
  • Studied at the University of Waterloo, a hotbed for technology innovation in Canada