Experience in Leadership, Consulting, and Technology
Spinzo is an online service that allows businesses to sell products and services using dynamic pricing, based on consumer demand.
Founder and CEO
Toronto, Ontario and Saint John, New Brunswick
February 2011 - Present
  • Lead and oversee all aspects of the business, including product development, sales, and marketing
  • Collaborate with investors, merchant partners, and other stakeholders regularly
  • Innovate on platform development with unique and efficiently implemented features
Spinzo was created to satisfy the needs of businesses in the new age of marketing. Simply reaching out to potential customers is not effective, as consumers are faced with hundreds of advertisements, making it difficult to get through the clutter. There is a strong need to "transact", but traditional eCommerce fails to meet the mark for many businesses. eCommerce is often reserved for the largest players and there is no inherent method to price products based on demand. Spinzo's platform allows businesses to price their products based on the number of people interested in purchasing. It's a fair pricing model that redefines the merchant-consumer relationship.